Appointments Update – Finale

Editor’s Note: This entry is part of an occasional series of posts from the ACRL Board of Directors.  In this post, Vice-President/ President-Elect Steven J. Bell provides an update on the ACRL appointments process.

This is the last in a series of updates I’ve shared to keep ACRL members up-to-date on the progress of the appointments process. I initiated these posts in response to ACRL members who, in a past membership survey, indicated that the appointments process needed to be more transparent. Members wanted more information about the status of their application submission. I hope that all those members who participated in this process by volunteering for a committee slot felt that it was more transparent and open, and that these updates were of some help in accomplishing that.

I’d like to thank the members of the Appointments Committee for the great work they did in carrying out the responsibilities of the Committee. They are:

  • Chair, John Pollitz, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  • Robin Miller, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  • Ruth Vondracek, Oregon State University
  • Joanie Chavis, Baton Rouge Community College
  • Sue O’Dell, Bowdoin College

At the outset of the appointments process this committee, along with ACRL staff, established a tight timeline for the multiple tasks that must be completed to get all the work done. I commend the Appointments Committee on accomplishing their work about as effectively as it could possibly be done. That resulted in a completion of the process just slightly ahead of the timeline. The Committee members also experimented with some changes to the appointments process. Those changes worked well, and I suspect it will help future Appointments Committee members to do their work well.

I look forward to working with all the new chairs, vice-chairs and members as we join together to make 2012-2013 a great year of activity.