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Review of A Jury of Her Peers

Katha Pollitt reviews Elaine Showalters, A Jury of Her Peers: American Women Writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx. The 350-year span of A Jury of Her Peers takes in more than 250 writers and covers sweeping tides of history and social change. It’s a long book, but it doesn’t feel long at all because […]

WSS Needs Your Feedback!

The WSS Blog is in it’s beta stages! Begun only a few weeks ago, this blog is a beta project for our section. This trial run will go from now through July and at Annual in Chicago the blog will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. What does this mean? In short, we need feedback […]

Collection Development Survey

Michelle M. Martínez, Assistant Professor & Reference Librarian at Sam Houston State University, is researching collection development policies and would appreciate a response to the short survey below. She is finding that the majority of academic libraries are very broad in their collection development scope, and while that’s quite useful for purchasing power, it may […]

March is Women’s History Month

Celebrate women’s history this March! Let us know how your library is celebrating Women’s History Month and check out these websites for more information about how you can get involved in celebrations this month: The National Women’s History Project Women’s History Month at the Library of Congress Gale Cengage Learning free resources on Women’s History […]