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Nov 12 2016

How Does Your Library Contribute to Learning & Research?

As the debate around the high cost of a college education continues, Julie Todaro and Irene M.H. Herold (via Inside Higher Ed) provide an excellent essay on how academic libraries and librarians make meaningful contributions to learning and research. In summary, they highlight that libraries often meet student and faculty needs by providing access to …

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Nov 20 2014

Our Thoughts are with FSU

By now you have probably heard about the tragedy that unfolded early this morning at Strozier Library on the campus of Florida State University. Our thoughts and hearts go out to our colleagues at FSU Libraries and to all the university students, faculty, and staff. The University Library Section hopes for a full recovery for the …

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Nov 06 2012

Negotiating the Ideal

Author: Melissa Engleman University of Minnesota Morris menglema@morris.umn.edu From the reference desk to the circulation desk to the weekend grocery run, I find myself constantly promoting information literacy. And while I enjoy the chaos of happenstance, I know that the ideal approach on an academic campus is planned and coordinated. Many of us don’t have …

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May 16 2012

University Libraries and Transformational Change: It Is Time

Title: University Libraries and Transformational Change: It Is Time Author: Michelle Dunaway, ULS Committee on the Future of University Libraries ________________________________________ In his article titled “Damn the Recession, Full Speed Ahead”, Dr. Rush Miller, Director of the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh, argues that change and progress in academic libraries cannot continue …

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Jan 09 2009

Who Are We and Where Are We Going?

I was intrigued by the recent ACRLog post wondering why there are separate CLS and ULS sections within ACRL, and it got me thinking.  How do we explain who we are as a section?  What is unique about ULS?  How do we convey what we have to offer and interest librarians new to the profession …

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Oct 09 2008

Would you merge CLS and ULS?

Today’s post on ACRLog from Steven Bell is “Why a CLS and ULS.” The post highlights a conversation that just started in the CLS Facebook group on the question of why there are two different sections in ACRL for college and university libraries. I couldn’t resist posting my response to that question, which I’m reproducing …

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