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  1. Cindy Pierard

    From the Outside In and From the Inside Out: External Forces and Library Reorganization

    Please join the ULS Campus Administration & Leadership Discussion Group for a discussion of external considerations when undergoing internal organizational changes.

    Many libraries have engaged in or are currently working through internal reorganizations. What external forces—including such factors as reporting lines, change of status for librarians or staff positions, and addition/subtraction of IT—are taken into account in planning these types of structural changes? Are services previously provided by the library moving to external partners? What new services previously provided outside the library have moved in? Are libraries looking at joint/split positions with other campus entities? Everyone is invited to share questions, insights, and experiences.

    The discussion will be facilitated by Lynn Baird (U. Idaho) and recorded by Brian Rossmann (Montana State). We hope to see you there!

    Place: Las Vegas Convention Center, N214

    Date/Time: Saturday, June 28 from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

    Cindy Pierard & Lynn Baird, Co-Conveners
    ULS Campus Administration & Leadership Discussion Group

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