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May 07

Attention to Detail: Observations from a Search Committee Member

Author: Felice E. Maciejewski, University Librarian, Rebecca Crown Library, Dominican University Having worked in academic libraries for almost thirty years I have had many an opportunity to serve on search committees, both as Chair and committee member. I have also been a member of the audience as a candidate gets grilled and have been the …

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Apr 04

Why Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) for Librarians

Authors: Mary Axford, Elisabeth Shields, and Crystal Renfro Libraries have been thought of as buildings that hold collections, conduits to the access of intellectual information, spaces for doing scholarship and places to find individuals with expertise in accessing those intellectual collections. Librarians have organized the knowledge itself, but haven’t been known for helping scholars organize …

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Mar 05

Make Library Instruction Zoom: Prezi as Presentation Tool

Too much spinning and zooming will make your audience queasy.

Author:  Stewart C Baker Yet another Instruction Session The problem of keeping students engaged during library instruction sessions is a common one.  Presentation software may only compound the problem: as slide after slide appears on the screen, with bullet point after bullet point, students’ eyes (as well as instructors’) may be at risk of glazing …

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Feb 05

STEM, STEM, Everywhere-a-STEM: 3 Ways to Engage with STEM Disciplines

Author: Nastasha Johnson Everywhere we turn there is talk about STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines. In February 2012, President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) issued a report, “Engage to Excel: Producing One Million Additional College Graduates with Degrees in STEM.” In the report, it advised that the U.S. needs …

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Jan 22

Virtual & International Librarianship Opportunities

Author: Beth Filar Williams As a distance learning academic librarian, I am apt to find ways to virtually connect and collaborate. In the past year I have had some fabulous experiences with very distant, virtual librarianship. Last spring I hosted a completely virtual intern who lived in Uzbekistan through the Digital Libraries Learning Program (DILL) …

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Dec 04

Many Hats, Many Tools: Getting Things Done in the Library

Task Managment Remember the Milk 12.04.2012

Author: John M. Jackson Although my subject expertise is in Medieval Studies, I often call myself a renaissance librarian for, like many of my colleagues, my job description serves as a set of loosely-defined and sometimes unheeded guidelines. According to my business card I am a cataloger, but I live daily within that protean phrase …

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Nov 06

Negotiating the Ideal

Author: Melissa Engleman University of Minnesota Morris From the reference desk to the circulation desk to the weekend grocery run, I find myself constantly promoting information literacy. And while I enjoy the chaos of happenstance, I know that the ideal approach on an academic campus is planned and coordinated. Many of us don’t have …

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Sep 18

ULS Committee on the Future of University Libraries August 2012 report

The Future of Universities Prepared by Marilyn Myers, Chair The universities of which our libraries are a part are experiencing disruptive change. The attention of university decision makers is focused on what must be done now as well as what should be done long-term. Judith Brown, former university administrator and professor emerita at Wesleyan reflects …

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May 16

University Libraries and Transformational Change: It Is Time

Title: University Libraries and Transformational Change: It Is Time Author: Michelle Dunaway, ULS Committee on the Future of University Libraries ________________________________________ In his article titled “Damn the Recession, Full Speed Ahead”, Dr. Rush Miller, Director of the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh, argues that change and progress in academic libraries cannot continue …

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Dec 12

ULS Membership Survey Results

The survey was open for the month of July 2011 and was distributed to ULS members via the ULS listserv. Of those who responded to the survey: – 57.5% have been a member of ULS for less than 5 years – 64% “sometimes” attend ULS programs or events at ALA – 49% indicated ULS “sometimes …

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